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Baevu Halli - The Village
It is situated on a 30-acre farm in the quiet rural countryside, a retreat that melts away stress. It gives a glimpse into a life replete with ecologically conscious living – rain water harvesting, organic farming, solar power and bio-gas. Clients will stay in traditional mud houses – built from locally sourced material, by local artisans . It brings you closer to a lifestyle that is far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life offering an immersive experience like no other.


  • The architecture is inspired by the traditional form of the local ground floor only village house called ‘Totti Mane’, built with earthen walls, jungle timber, bamboo and thin baked roofing tiles, NAADA HENCHU, split from cones thrown on the potters wheel.
  • All are organically imperegnated to enhance pest resillence. Cudapah stones for flooring cement oxide plaster fro wet areas and the ubiquitous locally quarried burnt granite slabs, CHAPADI are used for plinths and pathways.


  • Baevu brings to you a cuisine from the homes of rural Karnataka with a variety of preparations made from the organic produce grown at Baevu itself, the most important cereals being Ragi and Jowar. The platter offers a “NAATI” assortment of preparations like KOSAMBARI, HULLIANNA, MUDDE KAALU SAARU, AKKI ROTTI, CHUTNEY, BISI BELE BATH, HESARU BELE PAYASA, MAJJIGAE etc. A sumptuous organic multi course meal from fresh salads to local sweets provides the wholesome BAEVU experience.

Things to do

  • Baevu Village Tour
  • Traditional Games
  • Early Morning Trek
  • Sunset Trek
  • Organic Farming
  • Cattle Care
  • Tractor ride
  • Pottery
  • Local Temple tour (Extra Cost)
  • Local Village tour (Extra Cost)
  • Cycling (Extra Cost)
  • Bullock cart ride
  • Star Grazing
  • Exploring fauna and flora of the hills
  • Rock Plateau walks
  • Bird watching


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